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The Internet is Now Online!

miriam Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The internet is such an integral part of our lives.  It’s a wonder we ever lived without it!  Whether it’s checking our favorite social networking sites, looking up recipes, or organizing an event, the internet is our number one tool.  Lately, our family is really into streaming media.  When we are playing board games we stream Pandora music.  When we are wanting a relaxing movie night, we browse our Netflix cue.  It has been our goto source of entertainment.

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Leftovers Anyone?

miriam Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

So Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone.  The biggest shopping days of the year!  You were committed this year!  You pitched a tent outside your favorite retail store and camped for two days to get a doorbuster deal!  Then you had just enough time to grab a cup of coffee on your way across town to get in line for the screaming deal the other store was having on flat screen TVs.  Fortunately your spouse had been saving your place in line because, for some reason, they only had a few of the TVs advertised at that price.  After getting through line there you have just enough time before dinner to stop by the megastore to scrounge any remaining items on your list from the picked-over shelves.  You were one of the lucky ones this year and were able to find everything on your holiday shopping list.  Well, if this was you, stop reading this and re-bandage your cuts and bruises you got from Black Friday and let the rest of us find out how to finish our shopping

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