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promotionbadges 300x294 New at Couponbuzz...Promotion BadgesCouponbuzz just got better! We’ve added Promotion badges to each coupon along with a coordinating color so that you can immediately tell what kind of promotion you’re getting!

Green is for sales. Green promotions don’t usually have coupon codes, but they do let you know what kinds of online sales are going on right now. You will also see Clearance deals in green, however, they have a different badge so you can tell them apart from sales.

Blue is for coupons and coupon codes. Many stores offer a secret discount only to those who have the magic code. If you want promotion codes then think blue.

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$500 Sweepstakes Winner

Irish Friday, January 4th, 2013

Online shoppingCongratulations Tammy Morgan!!!

Winner of the $500 Gift Card from Couponbuzz!

Tammy has been chosen as the winner of the Couponbuzz $500 Sweepstakes! Tammy is 53 years old and manages a restaurant in Pennsylvania. She loves her job and the customers that she serves.

She delivers food to her elderly clients who no longer drive. One of her clients is 91 years old and Tammy has been delivering food to him twice a week for 9 years! He calls her the QUEEN!

Congrats Tammy!

A special thanks to all those who entered the sweepstakes!

Launching a Coupon Code Site

sarah Friday, December 12th, 2008
I'm Tired

I'm tired...

Wow! What an amazing experience. We at coupon buzz have been working feverishly to launch the new site. Our original goal was to launch our coupon site sometime¬† before Black Friday. Well, that didn’t happen. I suppose we could have launched but there would have been some key elements missing. Even now, with launch being imminent, all of the functionality won’t be there.

However, we’re pretty excited about what will be launched in a few short days. Here’s a quick list of the site features (the list will grow):

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