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Top Halloween Costumes for this Year

brooke Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Frightening girls

Spirit Halloween which is the top Halloween store in the country has made a prediction of the costumes that will make it to the top for this year’s Halloween celebration. I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprise to know that the frozen sisters lead this pack.

1. Anna & Elsa – Disney frozen characters Anna & Elsa are the top 2 costumes according to Spirit. It means that they are expecting this will be the hottest selling costume for this year’s Halloween. We couldn’t agree more! There is no doubt this costumes will sell so hot whether it be online or in stores. Let your child experience how it is to feel like a disney princess, whether you go for Anna or Elsa.

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pumpkin laughs2Are you ready for Halloween? Halloween is coming very soon and it’s about the right time to start preparing for it, especially if you have little kids. It’s better to shop early so you have a ton of time to do your shopping and make your selection.

Here at Couponbuzz, we give you access to different Halloween promotions from various stores like Spirit Halloween and BuyCostumes.com among others. We provide you coupon codes and instant savings deals from these stores so you can spend less on kid’s costumes, adult costumes, Halloween decorations and more. Be sure to visit the Couponbuzz Halloween Page frequently as we will be updating them with Halloween-related coupons and promotions throughout the Halloween season. Expect more to come.

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Halloween Dress up with your Pooch!

miriam Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
Super Puppy

Super Puppy

When my husband and I had been married for almost a year, he began talking about getting a dog. I had never owned a dog, and although I wasn’t opposed to the idea of owning a dog, I wasn’t sure if I could ever learn to really love a dog. Low and behold, less than 2 years later, we were the proud owners of an adorable 6 week old mastiff/boxer mix puppy. We named her Maya and she instantly became the center of our world. When Halloween came around, I became one of those people who I used to make fun of that dressed their dog up in a costume. She won first prize in a doggie costume contest and we have dressed her up ever since.

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brave1 174x300 Dont be Stuck with Leftover Halloween CostumesAlthough summer is such a fun time of year, I have to say I love fall even better. The weather is still warm enough to be outside, the crisp nights are perfect for bike rides and long walks, and it’s the start of the holiday season. Now is when most kids start to think about who or what they want to be for Halloween. Finding just the right costume can make all the difference between a great Halloween, and a forgettable one. This is where the adults need to step in and help their kids out.

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Halloween is Already Around The Corner!

Jesi Monday, August 30th, 2010

Great CostumesGrowing up we never had a lot of money and I was the youngest of seven kids.  As you can imagine Halloween time was a hectic time for my mom.  It normally ended the same way, rushing from store to store trying to find a costume last minute.  This time around I want to do it right.  I update coupons for this website, so with Halloween not far away I started looking around.  I was impressed at the cost and selection they offered at Costume Discounters. I was able to sort them by price, themes, age groups, and more.

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Kids dress up clothes

amyw Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I am constantly looking for cheap deals on dress up clothes for my boys.  Yes, even boys like to dress up.  Just not as princesses.  But, they love to play pretend and want to be cowboys, firemen, race car drivers, super heroes, you name it.  So, this time of year is the best time to look at costume shops and of course, online places have the best selection.  Tons of kids costumes are on clearance as they clear out everything for the new line of costumes next fall.  I found a great clearance selection at buycostumes.com.  Of course, with the big Houston Livestock show and rodeo starting up, my kids are all about the cowboy stuff right now and they have a decent one on clearance.   It’s hard not to want to buy everything on there.  I wish I knew what they would want to be the next Halloween so I could go ahead and get it on clearance as well.  Ah well.  There’s always craigslist which I have gotten 2 costumes from for cheap as well.  Anybody need a Lightning McQueen….?

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Halloween Waits for No Man

josh Monday, November 3rd, 2008

It happens every year. I get all excited about what I may be for Halloween, as early as Spring or Summer. I will get crazy ideas about what the whole family could be as well and the ideas remain just that: ideas.

I procrastinate all Summer because, let’s face it, Summer is fun. Then I get sucked into the vortex  of pre-Fall, with Back to School worries and new TV shows (yes, I watch a ton of shows) and things at work usually pick up with many fiscal years ending in Seotember, etc. The next thing I know, it’s time to go to the Halloween party and I have no costume. So if this happened to you, let’s promise each other we will be more prepared next year.

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