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Plush Life Like Dogs

amyw Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

basset houndHow cute is this basset hound?  Looks pretty real, too, eh?  Well, this is only one of  many types of these plush life like looking dogs at PetCareRx.  I came across these while doing my promotions for couponbuzz.com and thought they were just one of a kind.    They literally have every kind of dog you can imagine made into these stuffed toys.  I guess some would just collect them  and using the word “toy” would not be appropriate. But, I would for sure buy one of these for my boys who love to pretend that they have a cat/dog to play with and feed/walk, etc.

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Remembering Childhood Games

miriam Monday, March 16th, 2009

I am totally exhausted today and it’s completely my own fault.  Late last night I got back from a weekend candyland Remembering Childhood Gamestrip with my girlfriends to the beach and I am really feeling the consequences of having very little sleep all weekend.  We drove to the beach Friday night and stayed up until 5am the first night.  The second night we toned it down a little and went to bed at 3am, only after we made a choreographed dance video to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” song.  Ya, I got conned into putting on glitter eye liner and ratting my hair in a high 80’s style pony tail on the top of my head, followed by dancing with other 30 somethings while one lucky participant got to record the whole thing.  Sound like fun?  It really was fun a great weekend and I am glad I went, but I definitely can’t party like I used to.

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