Keep your Exercise Resolve Strong

joshM Thursday, February 17th, 2011

At the beginning of the year, you made a resolution to work out regularly and shed the pounds. You have done so well until recently. The New Year’s Resolution to get in shape is starting to wear off. It’s been a whole month and a half and your drive is weakening. You need a little boost of resolve to get you through your current slump. What can you do?

Changing your routine on a regular basis can be the boost you need, not only to keep your resolve strong but to keep shedding pounds. Jogging around the neighborhood every morning can get tiresome and after a while your body becomes acclimated to the workout and no longer sheds the weight. You need something new. You could get the gym membership. They have many machines and personal trainers that will challenge your body, but a gym membership can be expensive. What are some other options?

  1. Try the Wii Fit. There are aerobics and balance exercises that will help strengthen your body and mix up your routine in a fun, positive way. The Wii fit will even track your progress and your weight, and give you positive feedback as during your fitness sessions. You will start off with easy aerobics workouts and as you excel you’ll unlock harder aerobics levels.bowflex ultimate 2
  2. Browse some of the fitness machines that are available. Bowflex had machine called the Ultimate 2 that has 95+ muscle building exercises plus a built-in cardio rowing machine. Talk about being able to change up your routine using minimal fitness equipment! You could bring the gym to your living room and get a full body workout without having to leave your house. This would also be nice if you have small children and find it hard to get out on a daily basis. Bowflex is just one company and there are several that offer great products to help you’re your exercise strong.Wii Fit

For those who insist on getting a gym membership, remember a few key points to saving on your membership:

  1. See if your job offers and discounts or gym perks. Some corporations have set up deals with gyms to get a good group rate that they can offer to their employees. Ask around the office and see if your job offers any of these perks.
  2. Check with your health insurance program. Some Insurance companies offer their customers gym discounts. Call your insurance agent to find out what they can do for you.
  3. and the American Health and Fitness Alliance know some great programs that are budget friendly.
  4. Don’t forget to negotiate. There are lots of gyms out there that are competing for your business. They want to see you in their gym and will reduce their prices to get your business. This is not only true for different gyms but for different locations of the same gym. Always negotiate your price.

If you notice that you are working out less and finding more excuses to “take a break”, try some of these suggestions to break up your routine and make it a little more engaging. Make this the year that you realize your fitness and health goals by increasing your drive and resolve. The results are totally worth it!

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