Why Do You Love Your Dog?

miriam Saturday, May 5th, 2012
Canine Buddies

Canine Buddies

There are currently nearly 80 million pet dogs in the United States.  Thirty nine percent of households own at least one dog.  With so many of us owning dogs, why is it so difficult to answer the question, “Why do you love your dog?”  In my case, I love their loyalty, companionship, and playfulness.  I love coming home to their wagging tails and wet kisses!  I love how they tolerate playing dress-up with my daughter.  They also great to take along on a hike or use as jogging partners.  At night, they are my watchmen.  In the morning they are my alarm clock.  They are so many different things to our family, it’s hard to imagine life without them.

To them, we are everything.  The give us so much love that all we can do is take good care of them, and give them just as much love in return. We spend so much money on our dogs, and they are worth every penny.  We love the big dogs, mostly Mastiffs and Great Danes.  With big dogs comes big toys, large amounts of food, and over sized beds.  We do most of our shopping at PetSmart.   Some things we still go into the store to buy, but more and more I find that ordering from their website is so much easier!  They carry the same products and I don’t have to worry about wandering through aisles looking for things.  I have been able to save a good amount of money using PetSmart coupons and I hope you can do the same.

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