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joshM Monday, January 24th, 2011

Ever Since I received a digital camera, I have had a hard time remembering and making time to go to a store to print all my pictures. I usually empty my camera onto my computer, post them on facebook and then forget about them. My poor grandparents and other friends, who are not facebook savvy, never get to see those pictures. There are also viruses and computer errors that occur that could wipe out years of memories. And I don’t have much time to dedicate to scrapbooking with fancy paper and cute cutouts, especially when I might have to duplicate that work for mom and mom-in-law. I need an attractive, safe, easy, affordable way to preserve my photos that will allow me to share with family and friends both digitally and in print.

Lucky for me, there are many online sites, nowadays, that make organizing and keeping track of photos really easy and Couponbuzz hosts discount codes for several of them (even more savings!). I want to share with you my 3 favorite: Mixbook, KodakGallery, and Snapfish. mixbook scrapbook

Mixbook has great scrapbook software that allows you to crop and place your photos in a book size of your choice. You can also customize your pages with different fonts, colors, layouts, and decals that will make your personal book fun and flavorful. You can email your book to family and friends so they have the option to buy one for themselves or change it to their likings and have it printed and mailed to them. Mom and Mom-in-law can each have their own copy.

KodakGallery offers online photo storage that you can share with family, as well as a gallery-to-facebook feature! If your computer crashes or a virus wipes out your hard drive, no worries, your memories will be safely stored at KodakGallery. Create not only photobooks but also mugs, cards, blankets, frames and other photo gifts.

Upload your photos online or from your mobile phone to Snapfish and they will print your pictures to a store near you. Their photo printing prices are very competitive and they have a 110% quality guarantee. Snapfish also has scrapbooking features that give you access to photo editing tools, layouts, color, and fonts that will help you preserve your photos in the best way possible.

Checkout the Couponbuzz photography section to find coupon code for these and more sites that offer great online photo storage, gifts, and prints.kodakgallery scrapbook

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