How to Save with Used Wrapping Paper

joshM Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Christmas is over and you have bags and bags of torn and crumpled Christmas paper. If you’re like me, you hate to throw it away, especially because wrapping paper is getting to be so expensive! At least a quarter of my gift budget for Christmas, birthdays, wedding showers, etc goes to wrapping paper, tissue, bows, and all the trims! Most often I wish I could save that money and use it to buy a nicer gift.wrapping+paper 300x174 How to Save with Used Wrapping Paper

In my search for a way to reuse this paper I came across these ideas:

1.       Run it through a paper shredder to use as shredded paper in gift bags, boxes and baskets. You probably keep the gift bags you get from others (if not, you need to change that!) and by shredding your wrapping paper you can save on tissue paper and bag stuffing!

2.       Iron your paper on a very low setting and use again. This only works on the pieces that are not badly torn. Also, as a warning, don’t iron paper if it has glitter, glue or other things on it that could ruin your iron!

3.       Reuse as gift tags. Cut up the smaller pieces into little squares and use them as labels for future gifts.

4.       To make crafts. Get creative! Make your own ornaments or blocks using the fun wrapping paper patterns and modge podge. You can pass them out as gift the next year!

5.       Cat or puppy toy. Have a cat or dog? Give them an afternoon to play in the torn paper. It’s very entertaining to watch them roll around in the paper.

Hopefully you can reduce your expenses on wrapping paper and trims by using one or more of these ideas.

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