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I am a mother of four very energetic children. I used to have time to browse the aisles of my favorite designer furniture or bath and kitchen stores and daydream about decorating my home. It's still something I would like to do, but with children demanding your time, it makes it a lot more difficult! Now I roam the aisles of grocery stores hunting down bargains for my eternally hungry family. :)

I found a friend who is really great at the grocery coupon game and she has taught me the ways of savings! I end up saving close to 50% on most of my trips to the store, just for taking the time to hunt down, collect, organize and execute coupons at just the right time for maximum effectiveness!

I am glad to extend this skill to hunting down bargains online, since I don't really get to go out that much anymore. The whole world seems to be available online, but the deals and coupons out there are not as easy to find. So now this is my passion, and I am happy to share with you! :)