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The Nature's Jewelry catalog is part of the Potpourri Group, Inc., founded in 1963. Beginning with publishing as single title, the Potpourri Group has grown to include twelve major brand catalogs, making it one of the leading multi-catalog companies in America. The Potpourri Group's catalog titles include: Potpourri, Catalog Favorites, NorthStyle, Expressions, The Stitchery, Nature's Jewelry, The Pyramid Collection, The Company of Dogs, Back in the Saddle, Serengeti, Young Explorers and Whatever Works. Nature's Jewelry is a collection of fashion jewelry from around the world, crafted by experienced artisans from the beautiful metals and stones nature herself provides. Visit their website at www.naturesjewelry.com to browse through more than 1,000 different styles of earrings, necklaces, chains, watches and pins, each one beautifully crafted in a unique style to express your individuality.
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